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Personal Training

You’re going to feel happy, healthy, and fit again – and we are going to help you get there. Your goals are our goals. Invest in a partner, not another gym membership. Get in touch today to get a free fitness evaluation and support on your journey to a healthier life.

There are a lot of opinions about how we should obtain ideal health and wellness. The truth is, it’s different for everyone. We work to understand your exercise preferences and modify routines to ease any discomfort or pain. Fitness level and age are not excuses or barriers. We create a safe place to learn the best exercises for your body, exercises that are researched, proven and most of all, safe.

We come prepared with workouts designed specifically for you. Expect encouragement that will push you to new levels. Clients can reach out around the clock via text message, email, and phone. There is also our fitness camps that are a supportive environment where you can achieve long ­term, sustainable results.


6session block

6 x 1hr pt sessions including
  1. 1 month basic membership
  2. nutritional plan
  4. follow up assessment
  5. take away MAINTENANCE plan

£175 (save £35)

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13session block

13 x 1hr pt sessions including
  1. 3 month basic membership
  2. nutritional plan
  4. follow up assessment
  5. take away MAINTENANCE plan

£350 (Save £105)


Bootcamps & Group Exercise

We maintain all the important parts of personal training and add the fun parts of group training. An ideal way to reach your fitness goals, we design each class to ensure a safe and effective workout.

Our sessions are perfect for all fitness levels with more tasking alternatives given for those who want to make their training harder, and easier adaptations for our newer or less energetic clients. Plus, you get beautiful scenic views to keep you motivated. It doesn’t get any better than that! 

The combination of team atmosphere & varied workouts make our sessions an effective way to LOSE WEIGHT, increase STRENGTH and improve ENDURANCE!

Whether you’re looking to start a routine or take it to the next level, our sessions are for you. You'll always have a challenging workout in a fun and supportive environment! Classes are designed for all ages, genders and fitness levels. Just check out our class types below.

Original and Best

Our original bootcamps take us back to the fundamental movement patterns that are proven, researched and effective. Using a variety of equipment and with workouts that are forever changing and developing, you wont get the same session twice. We use everything from truck tyres, heavy duty ropes, suspension trainers, slam balls and lots more, to give you a dynamic and unique workout session that will work every fitness aspect from strength to flexibility.

Astanga style yoga without the mumbo

We love how yoga benefits the body physically, we also love how exercise benefits the mind, however sometimes the spiritual side of yoga can be off-putting for some, this can alienate a whole host of people who would hugely benefit from the physiological aspects involved. There are also many yoga poses which can be dangerous from a fitness professional point of view.

Because of this, MIY have developed the classic yoga style of Astanga, by taking out the humming and chanting, removing the contraindicated exercises and focusing on the strength, flexibility and mindfulness of the practice, Noga is what we are left with. A fun, challenging exercise style which allows participants to set personal challenges and to measure progress each session that goes by.

Terrified of truck tyre training?

For most, training with tyres conjure up images of huge men in string vests and baggy trousers, Cross-fit junkies or serious bodybuilder types. So this is why, at MIY, we work hard to dispel that stereotype as well as many others. When we launched our outdoor training in May 2017 we were determined to make our sessions empowering and fun for every type of person. So bringing tyres into the mix was a must.
The feeling of strength that overcomes even the most quiet, timid people when they flip a truck tyre is inspiring, add swinging a sledge hammer with every bit of effort you have and people are transformed. It's hard to describe unless you've tried it. But it just makes you feel strong and tough.

Bring Along your young ones

We know what it feels like when children come into your life, they become your life, there is nothing wrong with that. But what is wrong, is when you don't look after yourself, or you lose yourself in the day to day struggles of being a parent, then out of the blue, you realise that not only have you stopped thinking of your own needs, your confidence has also took a hit. This is obviously an extreme example but one that most parents can relate to it a little bit.

MIY Fitness is really passionate about confidence, solutions and self love. So we want you to be able to do exercise without worrying that you have the kids. As long as you don't mind the distraction, neither will the rest of your class. So in 2018 we introduce BAYYO. Bring Along Your Young Ones.

Whether they be on thier micro scooter, buggy board, or even in the pram. They can join in with the exercises or they can sit at the side an observe, it's as flexible as you want it to be.

Wild primal exercise

Our most talked about class, Wild bootcamp is the first of it's kind. Based on primal movement patters of the earliest humans, we use the landscape around us. Sessions take place in woodlands and have seen participants carry logs, climb trees, scramble up embankments and even run through rivers. It's highly entertaining and takes you back to when we were kids playing in the woods.

No two sessions are ever the same as the natural environment around us changes week to week. This fast dynamic class works every aspect of the body and develops fantastic bonds with those around you.

obstacle course races or mud runs

Every other Thursday evening bootcamp, we create obstacle based sessions. Not only to break up our usual sessions but to allow people to challenge themselves and see how their fitness levels are improving. We use cargo nets, sand bags, hoops, tyres and even slack lines to create a dynamic and ever changing environment.

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Nutrition is the process by which we assimilate food and use it for growth, repair and maintenance and to nourish our bodies. It stands to reason then that if we are to grow, repair and maintain the body, we need to provide it with the optimal – most nutritious – foods. Good nutrition means your body is getting all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to work at its best level but deciding which are the most nutritious foods can seem incredibly confusing. In fact, when it’s all distilled, the guidelines for a healthy diet are quite simple – eat a wide variety of unprocessed foods, rich in vitamins and minerals that help you feel nourished and energised – yet, of course, still taste delicious! Natural, whole foods – like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins – give your body the vitamins it needs to function effectively. We have energy when we eat well, and when we have energy, we burn fat. Eating well also enables us to keep our blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the healthy ranges and keeps our bodies are full of disease fighting anti­oxidants.

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