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Holiday Camps

What is the Adult to Child ratio for the camps?
What does my child need to bring to camp?
What shouldn't my child bring to camp?
What happens to belongings/valuables left at camp?
Does my child need money at camp?
Is there toilet facilities?
What dates do the camps run? 
What happens if my child has difficulty settling at camp?
Can my child be in the same group as their sibling/friends
Are there rules for children to follow at camp?
What are the consequences of children who break the rules?
How do waiting lists work?
What do you do when it's raining and cold?
How do you stop members of the public accessing your site?
Are there hand washing facilities?

What is the Adult to Child ratio for the camps?

Our ratio for all holiday camps is 1:8

What does my child need to bring to camp?

Children should dress appropriate for the weather. Long trousers and sleeves are essential if kids are in the woods to avoid scrapes, nettle stings and bites, All possessions should be labeled.

Please apply sun cream each day. Staff will remind children to re-apply sun cream regularly. We also recommend hats that shade the face, neck and ears.

Children should bring a packed lunch, however, as we don't have fridge facilities, so suggest a a small cool bag for warmer weather.

We provide all equipment for activities so ak that no toys are brought to avoid upsets.

What shouldn't my child bring to camp?

Please don't bring mobile telephones*,  i-pods and valuable toys. Staff cannot accept responsibility if items are lost or stolen.

What happens to belongings/valuables left at camp?

Please ensure belongings are labelled. When camp closes at the end of the summer, all unclaimed lost property will be taken to a local charity shop.

Does my child need money at camp?

No, we don't recommend bringing money to camp.

My child has a medical condition, do I need to tell you?

Yes - When you receive your confirmation email, there will be a link to a password prot4ected parent zone, from there you can download all the forms required prior to attendance. If these are not brought to camp on the first day then we cannot allow the child to attend.

What happens if my child has difficulty settling at camp?

You'll be surprised how easily kids will settle at MIY Adventures.

In the unlikely event that your child doesn't settle. So we can try to help or resolve any worries they may have.

What if my child takes ill or has an accident at camp?

We understand your concerns, and can assure you that we are well prepared. All staff are qualified first aiders and carry a kit on thier person. We also have a First aid area which is well equipped for many incidents. We regularly have scrapes, bruises, cuts and stings, but anything of a more serious nature you will be contacted immediately.

What if my child is ill and cannot come to camp?

We cannot accept children if they're ill. If a child requires medication whilst at camp, please supply it in a well-labelled container and ensure the forms are filled in to give consent.

Can my child be in the same group as their sibling/friends?

Most children attend camp as individuals. We start our days with ice breakers to encourage children to get acquainted right from the moment they arrive, this helps them make friends.

We try to accommodate any group requests however for children with larger age gaps can become too difficult , Activity difficulty changes when children are in the senior group so we cannot allow younger children to move to that group, and our younger group activities may not be as engaging for an older child.

How do I make a booking?

Booking with MIY Adventures is easy! Everything is done online right on our website.

Is there toilet facilities?

MIY Adventure camp has a Tree Bog toilet, this is a form of compost toilet which has willows and other nutrient-hungry plants planted around it. The waste is held in a chamber open to the air which allows it to decompose rapidly, it is completely safe, hygienic and very eco friendly. It is private just like any other bathroom should be.

Is there hand washing facilities?

MIY Adventure camp takes health and hygiene very seriously, we have various stations at our camps such as dishwashing area, hand washing area and drinking water area. We us Splosh sanitising hand wash. It is readily biodegradable, gentle on skin, BUAV and vegan society approved as well as being tested to British standards.

How do you stop members of the public accessing your site?

Your child may see members of the public and dog walkers but we can ensure your child is under observation at all times and have procedures in place for handling unusual circumstances.

Our coaches are always on hand in the event that we may have a visit from an inquisitive dog and the children are taught to stay still and not cause any excitement.

What do you do when it's raining and cold?

Our camp is fully equipped for adverse weather, we have an expedition set up which means that most of our camp area is covered by a heavy duty tarp which is attached to trees by chains. We also have a 15 seater Lavvu which has a wood burning stove. So children are never far away from heat.

In the unlikely event the weather becomes very extreme and a weather warning is issued. MIY staff will assess the situation before contacting our local indoor facility. We will have already asked prior permission to transport children in these cases, all guardians will be contacted and made aware pick up location has changed.

How do waiting lists work?

Because MIY is a locally run small business, we have to plan efficiently to ensure we can keep providing our services without charging too much. Waiting lists generally work on a first come first serve basis. However if our waiting list grows to 8 children looking for the same group camp, then we will endeavour to add extra staff so we can create an additional group.

What dates do camps run?

Camps run over the school holidays and most breaks, we also offer Home educators special camps midweek which can be customised to the specific curriculum the children are following at that time, midweek half days for home educated groups start from £5 per child. Children's activity days and birthdays can also be arranged at the camp.

Are there rules children must follow at camp?

We always discuss camp etiquette and rules at the beginning of each camp, we repeat our more important safety rules every day of camp or when starting a new activity if relevant. We keep rules the necessary so children can play freely and discover.  

Listen to your coach

Do not wander off

Stay within our boundaries

Listen to others

Keep our hands / feet to ourselves

Respect each other

Take care of our equipment

Use kind words

Do not eat anything found in the woods

What are the consequences of children who break the rules?

If a coach sees a child who breaks the rules, the child will be gently reminded of why the rule is important and the outcomes that breaking it could cause. If a child continuously and consciously breaks rules, then we will make sure we speak to the guardians of that child on collection. If dangerous or destructive behaviour continued with disregard to any previous discussions, then we will have no choice but to ask the child's guardians to remove them from camp.