accredited skills in forest school, survival and bushcraft

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Our recognised courses and forest school accreditations are some of the most comprehensive courses available in Scotland, teaching beginners and experienced outdoor enthusiasts alike, not only do we teach the skills required to survive in the outdoors, we also cover craft skills, hunting and foraging which contribute towards continued personal development (CPD). Our forrest school awards are in line with the Scottish curriculum for excellence and outdoor learning policies. We can take you on your wilderness skills journey from beginner to expert in a supportive and fun environment.

Introduction to forest school principles level 1

This certification is intended to introduce the candidate to the underlying ethos and ideas of Forest School and the use of the outdoors to aid learning through the unit Introduction to Forest School Principles. Minimum age 14 years and no prior experience required.

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forest school level 2

This certification is intended for those who wish to become an assistant Forest School Leader. The units for Level 2 include ‘Skills for the Forest School Programme Assistant and Support Learning and Development at a Forest School Programme.

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forest school level 3

This qualification/certification is intended to provide the skills and knowledge required to set up and deliver safe and effective Forest School Programmes, for those who wish to become Forest School Leaders. The units for Level 3 are ‘Delivery of a Forest School Programme,’ ‘Learning and Development at a Forest School Programme,’ ‘Planning a Forest School Programme,’ ‘Forest School Programme and the Woodland Environment’ and ‘Practical Skills for a Forest School Programme.’

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Risk v Benefit Dynamic risk assessment

including modules for management & business owners
All children and young people need to play. The impulse to play is innate. Play is a biological, psychological and social necessity, and is fundamental to the healthy development and well - being of individuals and communities.’

Playwork Principles Scrutiny Group

This CPD module or standalone certification is for Forest School leaders, Early year practitioners, management or anyone with an interest in improving or managing the safety of risk based practices. The initial modules cover Risk v Benefit analysis, removing the fear many outdoor activity leaders have in using their own judgment when it comes to health and safety. Leading to an easy to implement dynamic risk assessment method used by the British Fire and Rescue Services. The final modules equip delegates with a thorough knowledge of Health and Safety and Good practice specific to the Outdoors. Ensuring that no incident is ever a surprise.

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Early years forest PRACTITIONER

This practical, play based (yes that is not a typo) course is designed to allow you to see the outdoors and learning from a child's perspective. Learn a variety of techniques which are designed to instigate your ability to utilise various outdoor environments for all manners of education methods including curriculum for excellence, traditional practices and child led or Montessori based teaching. Designed to encourage your own imagination and develop your confidence to improvise when there is no other alternative. Covering standard subjects such as math, language, science, geography and art but also design and implementation of outdoor play areas, child led activities which take the onus away from the teacher and allow the pupils to flourish.

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Health and Wellbeing Outdoors

Scottish children spend less than half the time playing outdoors than their parents did and are less likely to spend time outdoors at school. They are growing up in an increasingly indoor, sedentary and virtual world, ever more divorced from the real world around them. This has significant impacts on their physical health, emotional wellbeing, social competence and their connection with the natural world and their local communities
MSPs Scotland Partnership Briefing

Regardless of the growing support for the governments policy to support outdoor learning, significant challenges still remain. This introductory course which gives added CPD value to future Outdoor learning for Education providers, is essential to create the advocacy that outdoor education needs to thrive in our climate. Providing awareness of the importance of the outdoors and establishing the skills and confidence to teach outdoors. Covering different elements such as emotional health, physical health, environmental health, social and behavioural development.

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our courses

Forest School Direct Access
A complete course from Level 1 to Level 3 suited to those wanting to speed up their training
Forest School Leader Level 3
Forest School Leader is required to teach outdoor learning, it allows students to develop their skills, lesson plans and confidence in Outdoor Learning
Forest School Assistant Level 2
If you want to develop or begin in outdoor education, Forest School Level 2 is for you.
Introduction to Forest School Level 1
Learn the fundamentals of Forest School and gain your accredited Level 1 Award