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Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness Skills

Our courses are delivered by experienced, qualified and passionate coaches.

Accredited and Recognised

All our Bushcraft courses are recognised nationally and accredited by The Scottish Bushcraft Association. The professional body for Bushcraft and Outdoor Activities in Scotland.

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Rockin' Support

The bushcraft and survival community is diverse and far reaching. As well as having our own private support groups we work closely with industry leading experts in all aspects of the bushcraft community. We can help you with buying your first pieces of kit, exploring natural crafts, foraging or even just local groups.

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Bushcraft Survival and Wilderness Skills Workshops

Fire Skills

Learn more than just using a flint and steel, be able to light a fire in rain, create a bow drill, make char cloth, explore fire lays fit for purpose, identify and process fat wood.

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Local Foraging

Scotland has a distinctly different flora and fauna from many other parts of the UK. Our workshop focuses on edibles we can forage locally as well as exploring the historic uses of flora and fauna.

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Tracking and Trapping

Learn and practice observation and tracking techniques needed to become adept at tracking. We also teach you how to craft and set up traps if you were ever in a survival situation, using things found around you everyday.

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Wilderness Rescue and First Aid

A fun but useful course which teaches participants how to approach common scenarios they may face in the wilderness or survival situations.

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